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Parental advice


Obsessive thoughts

Relationship problems

Traumatic situations and crisis

Childhood abuse

Sleeping problems

Concentration difficulties


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We will try to find the best solution for your problems using a combination of the following tools:



Healthy eating

Physical activity


Expressive writing

Natural alternatives

Meet the team


Carlos Villanova Colmenero

Medical doctor specialized in Psychiatry

Did his specialization in Sweden

Psychiatry and psychology are my greatest passion. My goal is to find personalized solutions for each of my patients using the best tools available. While working in different Psychiatric clinics, I noticed that I didn't like the traditional methods of treatment. They have many side effects and are often impersonal. Too often, medication is started without proper psychological therapy. That's why I prefer to work intensively with lifestyle changes, using medications only when they are truly needed. I hope that we meet soon and we can start working on your goals!

Speaks Spanish, English and Swedish


Aleksandra Bielak

Licensed psychologist

Did her clinical education in Sweden

It has always been important for me to meet other people. I gained clinical experience working in a psychiatric hospital. I have worked with anxiety problems, ADHD, depression, and trauma, among others. I am currently working with patients online. In my work, I use different techniques depending on the problem and the individual needs of the person. I work with both CBT, DBT and emotion-focused therapy techniques. It is important for me to have a good relationship with my patients in order to achieve the goals of therapy together. Welcome to our clinic.

Speaks Polish, Swedish and Spanish

The Atrapamente philosophy


Understand the problem

Finding the best solution requires looking at many factors and understanding things as a whole. If we don't know where the problem is we can't fix it.


Find real solutions

It's always tempting to find quick fixes. But what happens with quick fixes after 3 months? And after 3 years? We believe in long term solutions.


One step at a time

The only way to change is through effort. We don't know about magic solutions that will solve your problems. But we work on making today better than yesterday.

You can find us in Valencia, Spain

But we are an online first clinic and work with people from all over the world.

Our plans and prices

Mental health
Online or in person meetings
Medication and diagnosis if needed
Service available in Spain and Sweden
First session free
Online or in person meetings
Change of habits and education
Service available worldwide
First session free

The first appointment is always free. We want you to try our services and feel safe with us.

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